Garland Flower / พวงมาลัยสด
Garland Flower / พวงมาลัยสด
Garland Flower / พวงมาลัยสด

Garland Flower / พวงมาลัยสด

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Looking for a present for your loved ones? Show you care by going one step further than just a normal bouquet of flowers by buying the Thai Garland Flowers.

General Info:

The garland flowers are in many sizes, forms, and colors depending on the flowers used. Traditionally Thai people gift them to people they care about or for people they respect. We use them for every kind of occasion you can think of, be it a birthday, as a congratulatory gift, for weddings and even funerals.


Flowers can be quite delicate, so it will wilt quickly if you don't take care of the temperature. It's just a friendly reminder to take this fact into consideration when you choose for delivery by post when the climate is warm. On request, we can send a picture of the product before putting it on the post.

The pictures shown above are just an indication of how it looks like. It's not possible for us to get an exact replica op the picture, but it's close enough. 



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