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Hi everyone,

This will become our Blog page. Since it's a shop in the Netherlands the blog posts will be a combination of English and/or Thai. Sorry no Dutch, because i want to make it accessible to non-native speakers. And not three languages because i don't have enough time to make a translation of everything :P

In 2019 we're transferring from a physical shop to an online shop. Most people might know us as Thai Shop Amsterdam from the physical location at the Koningsstraat 42, 1011EW Amsterdam or from our Facebook Pages. Starting from 1 November 2019 you will not be able to reach us at the Koningsstraat anymore. So that's it for now.

Bear with us, since tech is not our strong suit. The webshop will be an ongoing work in progress. And everything is slow going imo. 

Kind regards,

Nueng (Thai Shop Amsterdam)

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